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The endurance 170, the first Ski-board concept

The Endurance 170 of Splitboard Power introduces the concept of SKI BOARD.

She’s a fusion of backcountry skis and a snowboard for alpine touring.

The new glide technology offers the choice of descent by skier snowboard, or, thanks to the efficient conversion, even a mix of both. The board can be adapted to the requirements, the snow conditions, offering pleasure and high performance in climbing and in descent

Skis and binding ski

The Endurance 170 includes a pair of skis (unequal beams), length 165 cos, spatula width of 130 mm and 90 mm in the skate, enabling the skis to ride easily in powder snow.

The attachment system consists of original hooks, avoiding any drag both in climbing and in descent.

Skis are provided with the top of the line, competition level bindings: Pierre Gignoux’s Ultimate2, repeatedly used by world champions in alpine touring, Kilian Jornet and Laetitia Roux.

The central attachment

To facilitate its transport, in ascent or descent, the central part of the board folds using an articulation which lock using outer hooks ( a Splitboard Power concept).

This articulation saves significant time in the reassemble, and avoids the possible loss of pieces with other more complicated assembly systems.

The primary assembly system consist of 6 Splitboard Power hooks. The secondary assembly system consist of 4 Voilé tip clips. A snowboard or a monoski is made by assembling our SPX binding system with groove T.

Weight of the set: 1,3 kg.

The pucks (adjustable binding baseplates for the snowboard)

The pucks are adjustable by angle and stance using 3 lines of M6 inserts.They can be rotated by +- 30° front foot and +- 15° for the back foot. The small diameter of the Splitboard Power pucks avoids any drag on the side of the skis, even when the front foot is the extremities of the rotation.The system passes easily from Goofy to Regular.

The SPX Hard boots bindings

The SPX 370 (Splitboard Power Xtreme) binding are the lightest in their category at 370g they are solid block cut.

The binding can be used with a typical backcoutry skiing boot (EU sizes 38 to 46)

A lock in the front of the binding compresses in the longitudinal direction , the three ajustable parts (pucks) on the top of the snowboard, ensuring a good structural cohesion for the descent.

Weight : 370 g instead 420 g for the Spark Dyno DH in size M.

The Ultimate 2 Gignoux Ski Bindings

The lightest bindings in the world, 68g and made with carbon, makes clipping-in both intuitive and fast, thanks to the elasticity of the front jaw. Specific guides for Gignoux brand of boots allows for optimal ultrafast clipping-in.

Weight total equipped: 4,6kg

Characteristics and dimension (size) skis

Total length: 167cms

width of spatula (spoonbill): 130mm

Width of the skate: 90mm

Width in the heel: 125mm

Length of effective edge: 1360mm

Beam (shelf) inter and enter equals: 12,5m

Pintail: 5mm

Total weight: 1,3kg

All the pieces are available as a kit for those interested in self assembly





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